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First female on the police force

While her shiny badge and gun may seem intimidating, the new officer in the city hopes people can look past them and see her excitement to serve local residents.

"I like to just go out and talk to people. You have a good day? Awesome tell me about it as opposed to just dealing with people on their worst days," she says. "I think it's a nice balancing act."

The Pittsburgh native moved to Spring Green with her family 16 years ago when she was a teenager and knew, about that time, she wanted to be in law enforcement.

But, she didn't want to do it for the "Oxandrolone Powder India" squad car privileges Anavar Que Es or the title.

Fleischauer wanted to interact with people every day and "observe things from a perspective the general public may not see," she says.

So, when it came between her and 35 other candidates for the part time officer position at the Lodi Police Department, police chief William Laughlin said her seven years of experience as a part time officer in more than five communities, associates degree in criminal justice and graduation from the police academy made her the best choice.

The 29 year old Fleischauer also suits up for two other police department, Muscoda and Spring Green/Plain, part time in addition to Lodi.

"(I) switch the uniform shirt and jet off to Buy Cheap Jintropin Online another villagehere, there and everywhere," she says with a laugh, but wouldn't want it any "Oxandrolone Powder India" other way.

Being part time in small towns offers a variety of community interactions and more people to meet, she said. But, more importantly, it allows her to build relationships with people in the area.

"I've had young adults that I knew when I started in Spring Green come back and tell me all about college or what they've been up to, or ask for advice," Fleischauer says. "To have Deca Durabolin Vs Sustanon them flag me down and be excited to tell me about their experiences, that's really awesome."

Building a rapport with community members is also important to her when she's enforcing the law.

"Of course there are times when I may give out a citation, and I know no one likes that," she says. "I think, with making contact with people, it's always important to educate (them on) traffic laws and ordinances, or bike safety."

As an officer in Lodi, or whatever municipality she may represent, she has one goal safety.

"No matter what patch I'm wearing on my shoulder, I want everyone to be safe, and to help make the area a safer place to visit," she said.

But, even when she's on duty, Fleis chauer always wants to be approachable.

"If someone is curious about a piece of equipment I use, or has questions about a law, I hope people would be comfortable enough to stop and come up to me and ask," she said. "If I'm sitting on 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosteron the side of the road, it's always nice to have visitors."

Fleischauer's personality may make her approachable, but she Equipoise Ethics said her gender might also play a part.

"Women are "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" natural communicators and we can talk and talk," she said, "And in law enforcement that's absolutely no exception."

In her field experience, she said her gender has helped alleviate otherwise confrontational situations between a male subject and a male officer.

Men typically see male officers as a threat, and that can result in an "alpha male faceoff," she says.

When they see Fleischauer a female officer they aren't as threatened and willing to cooperate, she says.

That said, she can hold her own if confrontation occurred, because she's completed the same training all her male counterparts have.

"I'm sure people still view female officers are weak or not as strong, but I think those barriers have been broken down a while ago," she says.

Laughlin says she's the first female officer he has heard of at Lodi, and Fleischauer couldn't be more excited about it.

"I've never been the breakthrough female officer (in a department)," she said. "Hopefully, young girls will see me and think to themselves, 'I want to be a police officer.' It would be great to be a role model."

Fleischauer has been in training since mid May and should be working as a solo officer in mid July. Any new officer in Lodi has to complete 20 shifts of training before they can work independently.